The Ministry of education to open two schools in Missan

2016-09-26 at 15:56

Baghdad the balance of news

The Ministry of education announced Monday, opening two schools in Maysan governorate in order to decipher the bottlenecks plaguing schools.

According to a statement by the Office of the Minister of education, received/balance of news/copy, the Ministry opened the first two schools in the governorate of Missan in hand as Mitt/other village seriousness and spend normal universities area architecture ", noting that" the first school was assigned as a medium to serve the output eight elementary schools in the area as a second Mitt's ramshackle school allowance in universities. "

The statement added that "schools are made up of 9 rows, one within the other and territorial development projects within the Ministry of education investment plan projects," adding that "the Ministry paid great attention to school buildings file to unpack the bottlenecks plaguing schools and always strive to provide an appropriate atmosphere for our students to be successful citizens of their country."