Parliament rejects the division of Nineveh .. but a parliamentary committee: housing deficit stood at two million units [Extended]

2016/9/26 15:51

[Oan- Baghdad]

House of Representatives voted at its usual twenty headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 182 deputies on Monday on two resolutions to maintain the administrative border of the province of Nineveh and address entitlements late peasants and ended the first reading of two bills, before raising its meeting to Tuesday of next week.

At the outset of the meeting, President al-Jubouri A period of a week of parliamentary blocs to resolve the submission of 17 candidates within the election commission of experts to provide a maximum of 30 candidates for membership of the committee to amend the constitution as well as provide the names of candidates for the Commission amend the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.

The president of the Council on the transfer of data to the relevant committees in accordance with specific timing for the discussion of topics of public, especially with the presence of a number of requests made by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on important issues that will be included in the agenda of the next plenary agenda after reviewing the recommendations of the relevant committees, confirming the trend to end the state Representatives emptied with the exception of the vote according to the controls, indicating the formation of a joint committee of the Finance committees, oil and energy, headed by first deputy chairman of the Council to follow up on the subject of the Kurdistan Regional staff salaries and provide a detailed report in this regard to the Council.

In another matter, the Speaker of Parliament congratulated the Iraqi people the achievements of the Iraqi sports, especially at the Olympics, Paralympics and Brazil achieved by players from the achievements of results and medals were the best in the history of posts in this area through access to high-ranking Gold Sponsors and three silver medals.

This was followed by the Youth and Sports Committee statement on the achievements of Paralympic Committee and the presence of players heroes blessed in which the achievements of the Iraqi players in the Olympics, Brazil Disabled Sports of great results, despite the difficulties encountered in their mission, noting that the five players of the decorated silver and gold Mahakgah was internationally achievement great, demanding the House of Representatives Bmkavih Co Olympics Brazil sports delegation and address the Ministry of Finance to release the remaining balance of the Paralympic Committee for their support and commissioning of the Finance Committee of the Board to increase their budget to fifty percent.

For his part, President of the Paralympic Committee Aqil Hamid return to the results achieved represents all Iraqis from north to south, stressing that the achievements came after long years of interruption, in advance thanks to the government and the House of Representatives and chairman of the Youth and Sports for their care sports and athletes.

The Council voted on the recommendations of the Committee of Sports and Youth Parliament and the inclusion of athletes named vice early and work to honor the players and their coaches and administrative staff.

And completed the House of Representatives vote on a resolution confirming that the Nineveh current administrative boundaries Iraqi province protected by the Iraqi constitution and Iraqi laws in force and any change in the legal and administrative status violates the Constitution and is null and void, and that the Iraqi people reject through their elected representatives to exploit the presence of Daesh to achieve gains on the ground and all the opinions, attitudes and demands are examined after the complete liberation and the return of all displaced people to their areas, according to the Iraqi constitution and laws and on everyone to unite efforts to liberate the province from terrorism Daesh and the fate of Nineveh province, determined her children after liberation and according to the constitution and the law.

The council also voted on a resolution submitted by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes obligations on the government within 10 days of submission of an amendment to the law on the federal budget for 2016 in order to ensure payment of 50 percent of the peasants and farmers dues for 2016 and before the end of the fiscal year, as well as the continuation of the government to complete the government's remaining dues of farmers for the years 2014 and 2015.

It ended the first reading of the draft second amendment to the law legal provisions prohibiting courts from hearing lawsuits No. 17 for the year 2005 and presented by the Legal Committee since there are legal provisions in the tax laws governing the objection to the resolutions of appreciation and tax collection measures and in order to hold on to those provisions in line with nature.
Jubouri here as President of the Foreign Relations Committee for their participation in the meetings of Asian Parliaments in Cambodia and choose represented Iraq MP Hanan al rapporteur of the Asian Parliament.

The Board has completed the first reading of the draft Iraqi Commission Act for the adoption of a report from the Commission on the economy and investment for the development of Iraq's technical capabilities in the field of quality infrastructure and improve the efficiency and quality of services provided by the conformity assessment bodies For the purpose of confidence reports and certificates issued by those entities that building.

The Council discussed a report on addressing the housing crisis submitted by MP Adnan al-Janabi, Vice Chairman of the Interim Committee to address the housing crisis, noting that the housing crisis escalate in Iraq for decades, which requires adding 150,000 housing units per year, noting that the Interim Committee reviewed previous attempts to address the issue on successful experiments to solve the housing crisis in several countries, pointing out that the committee held meetings hosted by the representatives of the authorities concerned.

The report explained that the housing deficit stood at two million housing units in addition to the effects of Daesh and the spread of slums in some cities and the government can not provide housing units of 250 housing units per year in the light of population increase to provide the land for free and loans without the benefit can provide housing information base for beneficiaries of housing developed in cooperation with and provincial government and the provinces and the creation of an integrated residential complexes considering the construction sector of the most prominent sectors that contribute Bchgl more than a million workers.

The Interim Committee confirmed to address the housing crisis that the Public Authority for Housing legislation represents a serious and realistic solution to the crisis, calling for cooperation between the various authorities in the country in order to speed up the legislation of the law.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Fatima Hamidi called for lower interest on loans to 4% and the central bank to provide loans to the General Company for Iron and wood construction materials and interest rate ranging between 3-4%.

He said MP Mohammad Naji to address the housing crisis a priority task to serve the citizens, warning that failure to resolve the crisis in the event of an apology for the government to provide the necessary allocations, calling on citizens to give land for housing built after the provision of services to them.

And it intercepted high Nassif MP on the proposed composition of the Housing Being leads to sag in state institutions, especially with the presence of existing institutions concerned to construction and housing, calling on the Interim Committee to adopt a comprehensive legal legislation to solve the housing crisis.

The MP Awad al-Awadi, the need for a guarantor legislation to address the housing crisis and the slums, demanding enactment of two bills Almottagazin on land and the General Authority for housing and housing support fund.

MP Ali al-Adeeb, in turn, pointed to the importance of granting the investment sector is room to build residential complexes within the thoughtful planning, taking into account the infrastructure for housing projects provide.

He noted the MP Abbas al-Bayati, the need to consult with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and municipalities on the crisis, calling for granting land plots to citizens and encourage ministries to building houses for their employees and the use of vertical construction.

And the deputy Aziz Ugaili that the solution to the housing crisis is through free distribution of land to beneficiaries, especially the poor and people with limited income and to facilitate the delivery of measures by the authorities concerned, as well as encouraging investment sector for the construction of residential complexes.

He pointed ultra MP Sheikh Ali said the House of Representatives did not work on the legislation, the law contributes to own a piece of land belonging to a convenient and housing.

In its response to the Committee on the pointed to the existence of problems hindering the process of resolving the housing crisis, legally and financially, including the allocation of plots and provide loans to build housing without loans, noting that the role of the housing is limited to representation between banks and the beneficiaries and to provide an appropriate atmosphere to resolve the crisis through the provision of residential land with the granting of interest-free loans.

The head of the House of Representatives Interim Committee to proceed with legislation to solve the housing crisis, the law, with the addition of some paragraphs and proposals during the second reading of the ripening and voting on it later.