Shammari: draft Baghdad taxi-dimensional economic ventures and tourism

2 hours ago


The head of the parliamentary group of the National Alliance mp Kazem Al-shammari taxi project with ED is one of the important projects which could be considered an economic and tourist-dimensional, with Ministry of transport invited to rethink passenger near Baghdad airport procedures.

Shammari said in a statement it had received (independent). "Baghdad taxi project is one of the important projects which could be considered an economic and tourist dimensions for its federal budget wanted economic aspect and not stand for him from the interface to the appearance of the capital of the tourist area.

"The acting transport minister Abdel Hussein abtan pointed out on previous occasions to take new measures to support passenger transport lines near Baghdad international airport," Noting "we tvaelna good in those plans, but what happened was the reverse we've hoped for."

Shammari said the new measures taken by the Ministry to increase the number of public transport buses, created a bit of a mess and the overlap between the work of the institutions of the Ministry in public transport and taxi project Baghdad, adding that it caused many problems not to mention flop who got to work making a negative impact on the usefulness of such measures. "

"Nicole confirmed revisited by the Ministry in its procedures, in line with public interests and serves the economic situation and the appearance of the capital", stressing the importance of "not to be significant damage to the national procedure or the public interest."

He was an investor "taxi" project new Transport Minister Kazim Cup "breaking" the contract with the Ministry twice within 15 days, while noting his consent to reduce the price to 50% half without the Minister agrees to reduce the charge, while the parliamentary integrity Committee, called on Transport Minister Kazim Cup to respect the law and to respond to specific inquiries of which include sent book draft Baghdad taxi.