Najaf is eligible to increase agricultural production


Achieving productive mutants comes only employ natural and material resources must be to develop an agricultural sector coupled with a help to its development and establishment, and the agricultural sector as the rest of the other sectors outside this context.

Economic Affairs specialist Dr Abdul Karim Jaber shangar, Faculty of management and Economics at the University of Al-Qadissiya said: the agricultural sector in Iraq really is where you find the emotional components of agricultural production are available in most regions but worsening reality was negligent as stakeholders need to help organize and import from countries abroad and then stimulate the farms and then straitgih plans to develop it.

The agricultural sector has seen over the years in the production of some crops but marketing problems that prevented as a result farm land investment away and that carry major influences the national economy. He noted that shangar Najaf experience for example in strategic crops the country needed her shop to Government silos, with rates up to over 90 percent.

He cited shangar (morning) to the most important agricultural sector needs is having good farmland and Najaf Governorate contains millions of acres of arable land partially exploited, with the total area of the province (11529600) million acres and scalper (380000) thousand acres only No 3, 3% in low when compared to the total area, and tell these spaces by riversAnd tables.

Between provinces have one ingredient that owned Najaf but need triggers to activate the agricultural production that rhymes, soil and environmental conditions, indicating that the Najaf site on the West Bank of the Euphrates River gave it a unique special varieties of grain production, especially rice which make this product commercially valuable water resources is an important element for the success of the agricultural operation but after the second most important element is Earth.

The provinces of Western and Northern Iraq could produce large quantities of crops competitive strategy that covers the country's regulatory support for the domestic market.

He continued other most important element shangar is as important as the presence of land and water resources is the capital and the possibility of providing agricultural process activation and its role in the adoption of modern technologies and the development of human resources.