Internal inspector declares prevent wasting more than 350 million dinars during September

2016-09-26 at 10:33

Baghdad scales news

Inspector General's Office at the Interior Ministry, Monday, preventing waste of more than 350 million dinars during September, during inspection tasks undertaken by the Directorate committees around checking the Ministry departments.

According to a report from the Directorate of financial control and audit internal inspectorate received/balance of news copy, that "strength and audit committees during the month of September was able to re-18,628,368 to state coffers and recommended re-315,748,100 dinars," dyed "as it prevented from wasting 17,825,000 dinars."

The report added that "the Directorate during the month was able to check the 4 drafts contracts and showed her opinion in an investigative Board 38 and she was able to follow up a report of improbable 35 Office of financial supervision."

With regard to the area of auditing and internal control report indicated, the Directorate checked 198 treatment found among them occupational Junction 3 and showed her mind in 30 cases raised by Baghdad's Inspectorate and other 25 cases of provincial inspectorate ".

He continued, "that the Department pursued 8 decades in the investment plan for the Ministry and another 12 contracts in the operational plan."