OS: the completion of the formation of a new government in the coming weeks

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The President of the National Accord Libyan government, Fayez Al-Sarraj, he expects "the completion of the process of forming a new government in the coming weeks." Sarraj said in an interview: "So far, we have not received any letter from the House of Representatives resubmit the formation of a new cabinet, however, we dealt positively with the House of Representatives session output in spite of all the controversy that revolved around the meeting." Sarraj said: "We decided to introduce a new form of a ministerial House ... and now, the Council bear responsibility and exercise its role." He called OS to a national reconciliation initiative to put an end to the divisions in the country surging unrest since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Sarraj said that "Libya over the past years have passed a very difficult and critical stage, and it happened a lot of fragmentation ... and a lot of political divisions ... and disintegration occurred in the social fabric as a result of bloody conflicts." He said Libyan Prime Minister internationally recognized: "Indeed we need a genuine reconciliation between the Libyans at home and abroad, and Libya for all Libyans and exclusion of any party or political faction or directed." He said OS that "reconciliation will provide significant security stable, and therefore economic stability, adding that he expects that" the implementation of the initiative begins as soon as possible ... before the end of the year. " In the context of the fight against the organization "Daesh" terrorist, Sarraj said that "Almrsos architecture" operation carried out by pro-government forces to wrest control of the city of Sirte enters its final stages, despite the continued challenging bombings and booby mined. Commenting on the issue of oil Crescent area, which Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar forces seized control recently, OS warned that the protection of vital installations will be the task of the government-recognized international. The head of the government of national reconciliation, "We as a council presidential open to all political parties. On a personal level, there is no reservation in that, anything that helps to resolve the Libyan crisis or open blocked by bottlenecks, ready to meet any people." He added: "We did not wish any escalation in the region, but what happened has happened, and we tried to deal with all the wisdom and Troy lingered, but the message and Salnaha clearly, not to prejudice the oil installations and do no harm to them, because it protects the oil must be under the umbrella presidential Council ".athy 29 / a 43