Parliament: "Accountability" is exposed to political pressure to withdraw included ablation figures You

Approach to news /
A commission of accountability and national reconciliation in the House and there is a lot of favoritism in the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice for Some influential figures as well as the pressure on in order to stop or pull files covered by ablation. He said committee member Yasser al-Husseini's "approach to the news that" the law of accountability can not be approved during the next phase, as we can not end the work of the Commission until after the completion of all files are covered by the accountability and justice. He Husseini lamented having a lot of favoritism by members of the Commission for a number of influential figures in the state in order to withdraw or suspend files to Mojtthein in the former Baath Party, even if they had Tbooo graduate degrees in it, in addition to the pressures on the body for an exception bite figures close to the government. He ruled Husseini acknowledges that the law of accountability and justice during the next phase of the existence of difficulties in passing.