Saleh appearance: Iraq Evels but he is suffering from financial hardship

Approach to news /
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister admitted that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh of the Iraqi state and Atvels strong, but it is now cash-strapped at the moment. Said Saleh's "approach to the news that" talk and rumors that the Iraqi state close to bankruptcy is far from reality, stressing that it strong and can not go bankrupt, describing the speakers of these rumors, they're "customers." He hinted that these rumors increased after it announced prime minister for the granting of the license is optional for employees for a period of 5 years, stressing that the state is seeking to issue such a decision to give leeway to employees, especially women who want rearing their children or to complete their studies or they are suffering from an incurable disease, indicating the state can provide its decision that about 25 to 30 percent of the expenses that can be directed to the door of a certain Kalaammar, services or others.