Deputy transport calls to reconsider traveling near Baghdad airport transfer procedures

The head of the parliamentary bloc , the National Coalition MP Kadhim al - Shammari, on Monday, the Ministry of Transport to reconsider the actions taken on the passenger near Baghdad international airport lines. Reflecting the bright image of the capital and achieve adequate financial support of the federal budget.
Al - Shammari said in a press statement, that "Taxi Baghdad project is one of the important projects that could be considered as an economic dimensions and for its tourist and wanted the federal budget from the economic side and Maimthelh from the interface to the appearance of the capital in terms of tourism."
"The Minister of Transport , acting Abdul Hussein Abtan said on previous occasions to take new measures to support the transmission lines for travelers near Baghdad International Airport, and our optimism reward those plans, but what happened was the opposite Matmanenah."
" The new measures it has taken the ministry to increase the number of public transport buses, created a sort of chaos and the overlap between the work of the ministry institutions in the public transport project Taxi Baghdad, causing many problems not to mention the confusion that happened to work causing a negative impact on the desired of those measures interest ".
Shammari stressed " the need to reconsider their actions by the ministry, in line with public interests and serves the economic situation and the appearance of civilization of the capital , " stressing " the need to not be the procedures of a citizen or harm the public interest."