Citizen calls on parliament to dismiss dual nationality of ministers and officials

09/26/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 27

Baghdad / term

Called citizen bloc, yesterday, to dismiss any official of dual nationality unless other abandoned his nationality.

A statement from the office of former Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, and received (range) a copy of it yesterday, "that under the mobility intense and effective Iraqi Council of Representatives call on Parliament to give effect to the constitutional article that prevent equal access to positions of sovereignty by the dual nationality." He said al-Zubaidi "Call me today a gentlemen Aldoblomasien expressing dismay from the desire of travel one of the Ministers passport foreign to Europe," pointing out that "the positions covered by this provision is one of the director general and above, and include the three presidencies and the House of Representatives and the ministers."

He said Transport Minister resigned "If we succeed in activating this important constitutional article would have made the sovereignty of Iraq," calling on the House of Representatives to "speed up the issuance of the decision is both occupies one positions have resigned unless it abandoned its second citizenship and determine a specific date for the obligation to do so." Furthermore, the solution considered bloc in Parliament, yesterday, described the parliamentary interrogations political targeting, as "shunned the truth and try to convince the people."

President of the parliamentary bloc of the solution MP Mohammad al-Karbouli said he was "on who respects the Constitution of parliament and representatives of the people should not accuse the exercise of political targeting, but the recognition of the weak and inefficient candidates for ministerial positions, and their inability to files entrusted to manage them, and rampant corruption in their constituencies and to apologize to the Iraqi people ill choose their candidates.

He Karbouli, in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, "The prime minister criteria in the selection of ministers and a clear, logical, and on the political blocs when her candidacy for prime minister have the courage to declare their choice and their support for their candidate before the people to be accountable for his performance in front of God and the people Bmmthleeh and Prime Minister too." .

He called on the head of the solution of all the political blocs to "assume its responsibilities in the nomination of ministers and not to drag the Prime Minister into an arena of conflict and political bickering, and thus adversely affect the performance and confuse his duties once through the nomination of ministers are incompetent and again by pushing the prime minister in the conflict between parties themselves and the intersections of their agendas. "