After stealing the Iraqi Trade Bank. Al-Baghdadi confirmed that Abadi supports me and pushes me (details)

25-09-2016 09:30 PM

Sunday source, revealed that the Iraqi Trade Bank (Tbi) sued the President of the Council Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi, noting that preparations for preparing arrest warrant being required large amounts of money he stole it as implicit.

The source said in a press statement, that ' there is a judicial order not declared after the Al-Baghdadi Project background which has not yet implemented some of them sold it to subcontractors on the one hand and loans that he transferred them to bank accounts outside the country on the other. The source said on condition of anonymity, said Al-Baghdadi recently seized on ' my land in the embankment of the llgadrih central Baghdad on the pretext of investment in major projects but turned it into plots and sold large amounts of valid '.

The source said that Al-Baghdadi is always propped it echoes of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, he acts on that basis at the same time established by ECOSOC based hotel Babylon to exercise the same previous activities in partnership with businessmen EA Asadi who owns more shares of hotel Babylon. The Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi got plots in areas of investment at nominal prices and cut up and sold at high prices up to $ 2400 per meter and most of the lands acquired in the Jadiriyah district.

Referred to as he took advantage of the special relationship between him and the President of the Sami araji heh investment in Premiership and who was running Al-Baghdadi before dismissal of Member as Chairman of the Iraqi Business Council by Council members after being accused of corruption and bribe and control all decisions of the Board of his own interest. Al-Baghdadi was President of the National Council of businessmen, supported by former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and was expelled after detecting forged documents pertaining to the certificate in addition to forging signatures and issuing a visa to Europe in Exchange for large sums.