IS Governor of Shirqat Captured in Women's Dress

25/09/2016 - 12:24


The Iraqi security forces on Sunday arrested the Islamic State (IS) wali (governor) of Shirqat district, who has disguised himself in a women's dress.

A source said in an interview with Sumaria News, that the security forces, during the operation of clearing Shirqat town, managed to capture Abu Omar al-Assafi, the IS governor of the town while he was dressed as a woman trying to flee with the displaced residents of the area.

The source said that the security forces managed to capture the IS leader depending on prior intelligence they had received.

The forces also seized possessions belonging to the detainee, including a USB flash drive containing files and information on the members of the organization, their real names and nicknames and areas of their residence and their ranks in the group.The storage also contained documents and instructions, asking the militants to burn and detonate the houses of the civilians and show that the Iraqi security forces have carried out the sabotage.

The Iraqi Joint Special Operations Command announced last Thursday the full liberation of Shirqat town from IS, pointing out that the security forces managed to free the town within 72 hours.