Al-Jaafari soon on the interrogation chair under the dome of Parliament (details)

25-09-2016 02:09 PM

Parliamentary integrity Commission announced Sunday its intention to collect signatures from House members to question Foreign Minister Jaafari, saying there ' financial irregularities and corruption in the Ministry, accusing it of b blasphemy to public money '.

Attorney Adel Noori parliamentary integrity Committee spokesman in a press statement that the integrity Commission continues to interrogate Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari soon we will collect signatures from House members to question him, saying ' get the necessary signatures to interrogate al-Jaafari not difficult issue '.

There he Nuri, files and failures at the State Department and highlight the files that will be Ghaffari by questioning the financial irregularities and favouritism in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and scandals in Iraq's embassies abroad and prolonged public money, noting that the questions raised during the questioning will be multiple and we will tell her at the time.