MEW herald a new era in Iraq
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Thread: MEW herald a new era in Iraq

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    MEW herald a new era in Iraq

    MEW herald a new era in Iraq

    25/09/2016 03:49

    The Iraqi electricity Ministry announced that it would provide service to residents of Baghdad and other governorates around the clock and dispense civil generators through the hiring of specialized companies distributing energy and collect wages.

    And the electricity Ministry spokesman Musab teacher, in a press statement, the Ministry has achieved advanced completion percentages refer to new areas in the capital Baghdad and the provinces under investment contracts in the distribution sector through seven directorates general distribution in Baghdad and the provinces.

    He added that Prime Minister Haider Abadi and electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects face the need to expedite referrals provided specialized companies for work in this area, where the Ministry hopes to cover all areas of the project until the end of this year.

    He noted that the Ministry draws that will achieve many goals for the national electricity system and citizens is exit stranded electrical power that reached to within about 50% of production quantities, and control the process of collection

    He continued by saying, in return, gets continuous processing of citizen power, deals with one hand an investor who represents the Ministry of electricity, and terminate his dealings with generators.


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    Re: MEW herald a new era in Iraq

    Awesome getting ready to join our century

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