SOA services resume work balsharkat wekaemmkamih eliminate calls to return

2016/09/25 14:17

{Saladin: Euphrates news} directed Salahuddin province, SOA circles in sherqat, resume work after the liberation of ISIS.

He said current position elimination, dahdouh {Euphrates news}, "hurry circles in sherqat always resume electricity water and Agriculture", noting that "the Governor in all municipalities of Salahuddin province to go to sharqat to clean it up."

We invite families to return to their homes, everyone has security approval in Kirkuk and Irbil, Tikrit, will ensure that IDPs and entered into the sherqat with ease. "

Joint operations command was announced last Thursday, freeing spend sherqat Northern Salahuddin gangs of ISIS, and raised the Iraqi flag above his buildings, while on Saturday, the remaining areas north of editing process over justice.