Hammoudi: We recommended to take tough measures against the ministries is supporting the national product

2016/9/25 14:56

[Where - Baghdad]

Member of the board expressed Presidency of the Council of Representatives Hamoudi, regret of most ministries and state institutions, especially the defense, interior and immigration and agriculture, for failing to cooperate regarding direct contracting to buy the local product and activation of local industry and agriculture.

A statement by his press office, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Hamoudi today opened an exhibition marketing direct selling special company of leather and textile industries in the parliament building, and recommended the Council of Ministers to take tough new measures against the ministries and governmental institutions that do not contract with the national product and that still rely on the same context in outer import, especially with the presence of the required specifications within the country. "

He called on the defense, integrity and security services of parliamentary committees, to follow up on the reasons for non-implementation of Cabinet decisions and supporting local industries and take a clear position on this. "