DHI oil Ministry demanding nature are hard to transmit the Nasiriyah refinery investment

25 September 2016-01:12 pm

Oil and gas Commission demanded in the mighty oil Minister on Sunday saw the fault to take a firm stand against the Commission by Alou in the process of transferring the Nasiriyah refinery represent obstructive President in this procedure before foreign investors over the past years.

The Commission Chief said Yahya almsharvaoi told llmrbed that the announcement by asking the project to invest two days ago is old but new to the subject is to give importance to the current Minister.

The Committee meets with foreign companies is the real problem in the process of transferring the refinery because of considerable complexity in design for the project and that it is unable to foreign firms, pointing to the fundamental solution lies in changing this Committee or design displayed in order to facilitate companies wishing to create the project and expedite the referral process being important strategic projects which will save thousands of jobs in addition to self-sufficiency of oil products and providing large sums spent on imports in this outer .

Jabbar oil Minister announced the flaw last Friday asking drained Nasiriyah in Dhi to investment by local and international companies.