Rubber industries first meal processed tires for oil projects company

2016/9/25 12:01

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} equipped General company for rubber industries, tires, tire factory in Diwaniyah on Sunday, a Ministry of industry and minerals, the first batch of tires sizes {20-1200 and 24-1200} for oil projects company-body Center projects.

The Director of media relations at the Department Abdul Wahid Alwan industry in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, that the company through Diwaniyah frames processed factory second frames sizes 1200-20 and 1200-24 in favor of the oil projects company, because divaniyah frames factory features global specifications and subject in all her joints productivity for device central tests for standardization and control of quality and excellence of the Italian company Berlin. "

"The General company for the rubber and tire industries seeking specialist and professional courses to increase skills and mastering the work of affiliates, where it established a training course to regulate Government contracts and instructions for organizing employees of legal and commercial departments, projects and internal control where kept these courses and international innovations and mechanisms to regulate contracts".