Deputy calls for activation of both sides of industry and agriculture to supplement the general budget

2016/9/25 12:40

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

National Alliance mp demanded, Abdulhadi Al-Saadawi, activated the economic aspects as industry and Agriculture and dependence brfed the general budget.

Tesla said in a statement Sunday {Euphrates news} "up to now there are five ministries created, and must pass to get a break this State ministries", noting that "the Government program is not fixed by the Ministry or its ministers but we need economic programs to develop restructuring ministries."

"The country's economy continues to rely on a single supplier, this produced an economic and financial cons, so we must do economic sectors, such as industry and agriculture, to support the general budget, particularly dire economic crisis we are going through."

Tesla called "stakeholders to expedite the ratification of the border ports act as important resources for the State to provide economic support.

The parliamentary economy Committee Member mentions that he has proof the Iraqi Government bore the responsibility not to promote investment projects, the new investment law, which is subject to international courts, pointing out that "many States did not know that Iraq initiated new private investment law."