"Erna": 10 Iranian goods will enter Iraq without being subject to inspection

Twilight News Iranian state news agency "IRNA" / said that Baghdad and Tehran have agreed on the tenth of Iranian goods inspection and standardization and quality control handled by two companies strangers before the entry of goods to Iraq procedures exception.
The agency said the agreement came during a meeting the two officials in the capital Tehran on Saturday, where he was to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two sides, emphasizes the lack of reference to the inspection of foreign companies as part of the exchange of 10 goods between Iran and Iraq. " And it signed a memorandum of understanding for the Iranian Bیroozbcht bright side and on the side of the Iraqi Planning Minister Salman Jumaili. The ten goods which came in the MOU are "tire-ferrous grades aerobic and motorcycles and tires grades aerobic and bricks and Alکashi and Almozaiیk, ceramics and truck tires and gaseous refrigerant and frozen eggs and tomato paste and milk." Several years ago, Iraq contracted with two foreign companies to conduct Ttulan standardization processes and quality control of the goods that enter the country to ensure compliance with specifications. Iraq and took refuge in the two companies after repeated complaints of shoddy goods from entering the country and prevent the Iraqi market to dump goods that do not have the required quality.