Agriculture: The government is weak toward the water with neighboring countries You

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The Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes in the House of Representatives revealed that the government is weak toward the water files with neighboring countries, especially Turkey, stressing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Achaan her face away from this file. A member of the Committee for the Liberal bloc Abdul Hadi goodness of God's "approach to news" The work seemed to "bridge the Ilisu" But we believe the government is too weak toward private water files with Turkey, adding that the government is required to move as quickly as possible in order to conclude agreements international internationally and compel it to give a full share of water needed by Iraq. He added that at the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , which is responsible for this file , efforts are also very weak, adding that Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari is not interested in this topic, blaming Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and Foreign Minister responsibility of thirst , which would befall the land and the people in most areas and diseases It will produce a result of the water shortage due to this project.