Minister of Planning and Trade discuss with his Iranian counterpart , the development of border crossing points and increase the volume of trade exchange

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He held the Minister of Planning and Trade Dr. Salman al - Jumaili and his accompanying delegation currently visiting Tehran , currently a round of talks with the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Iranian Nematzadeh dealt with all the issues and files related to deepen and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in various areas of economic, industrial and commercial, particularly The two sides discussed during the meeting , the possibility of benefiting from Iran 's experiences in the development of the industry and the reality in Iraq as well as discuss the trade exchange between the two countries and border crossings and entry of Iranian goods to Iraq file. Planning Minister said during the meeting that Iraq seeks to overcome all obstacles to the development of relations between the two countries in all fields, particularly in the commercial, industrial and economic side .. He explained that the Iraqi government has taken a number of steps and measures that would increase cooperation to benefit from Iran 's capabilities and ensure that facilitate the entering Iranian companies to compete with international companies in the supply of ration card .. straits that the evolution of the Iranian industry over the past years makes the Iraqi side more confident in transferring this experience to Iraq .. pointing to the existence of some problems in the supply of goods to Iraq some respect to what has been stated Iraq and the need to match Iran 's industries entering Iraq to this standard .. He pointed out that the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries in the field of standardization and quality control represents an important step in the field of import and export between the two countries because it includes a large number of goods and will be introduced ten commodities are then expanded to include then all goods agreed The two sides discussed a number of other issues, including the organization of work at border crossing points and the possibility that the work the clock to ensure that the delayed goods in those ports , which some of them may expose damaged .. Add to discuss the organization of arenas of trade at border crossing points process and develop appropriate unloading mechanisms business shipments of Iranian trucks to Iraqi trucks and vice versa and as soon as appropriate there to be high in the smooth entry of those goods and not damaging them The two sides also discussed during the meeting , the possibility of the Iranian companies equip some of the ration card to calculate the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and especially oil, rice, flour material as Iraq needs 35,000 tons of edible oil per month to meet the ration card requirements , and 75,000 tons of sugar and 110,000 tons of rice .. As the annual need of flour 4 Mlaynen and 500,000 tons at a time when Iraq is drawing to meet domestic need of wheat , the minister Jumaili said in the meeting , which also took place in which to file for benefits companies and contractors Iranians owed by the Iraqi government for carrying out a number of investment projects during the past two years to address .. and Iraqi Minister of planning and trade has assured his Iranian counterpart that the government began to pay these benefits through the issuance of bonds backed and will receive 50% of their dues as a first stage as will the contractors who exceeded the completion rate in the Projects directly that executed the (85%) on the full dues , provided pledge to complete the project. For his part , Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Iranian Nematzadeh expressed his country 's desire to develop relations and provide all kinds of support for Iraq to Msada'dth to overcome security and economic ordeal .. Indicating that the government was ready to equip the Iraqi Ministry of Trade textured edible oil have good qualities and discounted prices .. praising at the same time the actions and steps taken by the Iraqi government for the development of bilateral relations, including the signing of a memorandum of mutual recognition between the two standard specifications .. calling for the establishment of an Iranian commercial center permanently in Iraq to carry out the task of coordination between the two countries in the field of import and export Zadeh also called for the possibility of unification of the banking system between Iraq and Iran , because this would a lot of the problems arising due to address the lack of such a banking system. The meeting was attended by the Iraqi side of each of the general manager of quality control in the Ministry of Planning and the Director General of the General Company for Foodstuff Trading in the Ministry of Commerce and official spokesman of the Ministry of Planning and the Director of Contracts Section at the Ministry of Commerce as well as the Iraqi ambassador in Tehran Rajeh al - Moussawi , the commercial attache and a number of staff of the Iraqi embassy. . as for the Iranian side was attended by agents of the Ministry of Industry, trade and metals and a number of general managers in the commercial and Mlhakhm in Baghdad