Parliament calls for the resolution of the vacant ministries .. The Liberals threaten accountability Abadi

09/25/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 112

Baghdad / long - Presse

Called the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, on Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to resolve the ministerial cabin file to submit candidates for the vacant ministries as soon as possible.

He called Sheikh Mohammed choosing replacements are experienced enough, acceptability and good reputation in the political center, while the Parliament expressed willingness to vote for candidates in accordance with legal requirements and professional standards.

The Information Office of the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "deputy head of the Iraqi parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to resolve the government cabin file and display a list of alternative candidates for the vacant ministries and ministers who had been the withdrawal of confidence from them, and submit names to the parliament as soon as possible for the purpose of voting on them. "

The statement quoted Sheikh Mohammed affirmed "the need to complete the bench minister a file from the (Defense Finance and the Ministry of Interior, Trade and Industry), because they are key ministries and not to leave the vacant ministries without a minister," noting that "the ministries management proxy is not feasible and does not serve the public interest and has a direct impact on the delivery of services, particularly the security ministries that effective management requires moral leadership and directly from one person the minister. "

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament on "the importance of choosing ministers bench who are inexperienced process and have the admissibility and good reputation in the political center," expressing his readiness "full parliament for a vote on the candidates in the case has been brought by the Prime Minister in accordance with legal requirements and professional standards in the field of competence and expertise ".

In turn, demanded that the Liberal bloc, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide the names of candidates for the vacant ministries in the near future. The MP said Mazen Mezni, during a press conference at the parliament building with a number of MPs bloc and attended (range Press) yesterday, "The House of Representatives has already decided on the dismissal of a number of ministers who hold the key ministries such as the ministries of defense and finance as a result of their negligence, but the head of the Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi did not provide the names of candidates for those ministries. "

Mezni called on the Prime Minister to "write the names of candidates for the vacant ministries in the near future," and threatened "Abadi accountability in Parliament in the case not to send the names of candidates."

He revealed that a member of the Liberal bloc "questioning coming sessions will drag the foreign ministers of Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Agriculture Hassan Zeidan, as well as heads of provincial councils," asserting that "Parliament will host a number of conservatives."

This comes at a time when called on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, "parliamentary department to examine all the applications submitted by the House of Representatives and the signatures for the purpose of enhanced resolved tomorrow."

Face-Jubouri, during a parliament session to "include the subject refused to divide the province of Nineveh, calls in its agenda for next Monday." The 100 members of Parliament have demanded the presidency of the parliament to prevent the division of the province of Nineveh.

In a related context the face of al-Jubouri, during the meeting, finance committees, oil and energy, legal and integrity to form a committee to investigate the financial situation for the citizens of the Kurdistan region and the salaries of its employees. "

The al-Jubouri, the need for the committee to be formed to submit its report in conjunction with the presentation of the financial budget bill for next year in 2017, to vote it. to that, the President of the parliament did not include the crime of rape of the amnesty law, "stressing that the House" is keen to implement the sentence the perpetrators of these crimes. " The House of Representatives has approved a general amnesty law on 25 August, while still disagreement exists on how to implement it.