Top: The Council on Parliament to move away from politicization in dealing with important issues
By aq -September 24, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad called on the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Salah Aerbawi, the Iraqi parliament to move away from politicization in dealing with sensitive issues and important, noting that " the interrogations , which recently took place in the parliament and resulted in the sacking of the ministers of defense, finance, legal and constitutional , but marred by some political interference and partisan. Aerbawi said in an interview televised channel Tigris satellite followed the "treasures of the Media" there are those who defend the cause of interrogation and considers it a constitutional right, and there are those who oppose the interrogations and considers it a politicized because of the timing, methods and tools, wondering , "How the questioner is entitled, to question the Minister in the government , which it many files and blackmail his work during the previous period? . "The House of Representatives deals with things well but it get away from politicization in the important and sensitive issues, adding that" Parliament does not work in a professional and political work more than it is a regulatory and legislative, and must submit interest of the nation and the citizen on personal and partisan considerations. He Aerbawi "there are bigger than questioning or dismissal of the Minister of the problem, namely , " to fill the vacuum files , "which are still pending unresolved so far, noting that" the interior minister came out of the office more than two months and so this moment , his replacement has not been decided to take over the interior ministry . He noted that "there are three sovereign ministries vacant" defense, interior, finance , "there is no alternative so far , in addition to large sites in the independent bodies, which is equivalent constitutionally ministries, and urged" the government to address this in the blanks and find a suitable replacement* for those portfolios so as not to hamper the executive work.