Vice reveals the intention of Parliament may call "head of media and communications."
-September 24, 2016

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National Alliance MP Haneen Qaddo revealed today that "determined to question the prime CMC Safa al-Din spring of parliament, in the next few days, adding that" there is the intention of the fact that the majority of members of the Iraqi parliament and parliamentary committees to open a new corrupted files, the next interrogation would be to the President media and communications in the current government.*

Qaddo in an interview, "he said, Parliament start corrects its trajectory regulatory and legislative measures are taken in during the past period that package, which resulted in the sacking of the ministers of defense and finance charges of corruption and waste of public money.

He added that "there are discussions and dialogues with parliamentary blocs to ensure passing the names of candidates for Mast occupant, which will be submitted to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, noting that" the lack of obtaining consensus in principle between the political parties on the names of candidates, will be a difficult process to get the confidence of Parliament.

He Qaddo "I do not exclude that there will be political quotas for parliamentary blocks as agreed in the current composition of the government, pointing out that" the issue of the end of quotas at the present time is almost impossible, and Snaol on future governments to eliminate this phenomenon, which carved the body of the country.

In the context connected to the National Alliance MP he said that "the subject Hoshyar Zebari had ended was sacked from his position a majority of parliamentary and urged" the judicial authorities and the Supreme Judicial Council pursue charges against him and check the documents available to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in relation to financial corruption and waste of public money