Rasheed executes his plan to open branches abroad has initiated Iran

Views 92 Date 09/24/2016 - 20:53
Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rasheed Bank announced on Saturday, on the implementation of his plan to open branches abroad to him, noting that the first of his work initiated in Iran.

The bank manager Rasheed Rashad Khudair in a statement that "the economy News" received a copy of "The bank seemed to implementation of the plan, which put them on the possibility of re-banking relations with the Arab and international banks after years of isolation from the international banking market."

He Khudair that "the first of his work was in establishing a relationship with today's Bank of Iran," noting that "the idea of ​​opening an Iraqi banks in the Arab and foreign countries is an important step promote and support the trade relations between Iraq and other countries and that it will restore confidence to the Iraqi banks through these branches ".

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