The Iraqi air transport growth forecast


With the entry of the air services agreement between Iraq and Kuwait into execution, outweighing aviation expert to testify next flight movement duration is unprecedented between the two reflected on their economies.

The expert said Nawaf Hussein signed air services agreements are important and have highlighted several positives: facilitate the movement of travellers, and trade promotion through air cargo and tourism, as well as transit fee and refueling. " The House of representatives has approved a law Convention between Iraq and Kuwait "to strengthen cooperation in the establishment and operation and facilitate air transport services between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait and to believe their air services agreement.

Hussein urged the Government to sign more agreements with other countries, especially to future trade and movement, Iraq opened its markets to foreign capital, as well as to invest in the tourism sector to attract tourists after inserting the marshes and archaeological sites on the World Heritage list. In the meantime, Iraqi Airways said increasing numbers of passengers and flights during the first 10 days of this month. Said General Manager Samer cream Kabbah in a statement that "Alpha 96 and 375 were transported passengers from the first of September till the 10th of September rose 828 flight."

"This was the efforts of all employees of the company of engineers and pilots and commercial Department staff and hosts and living section staff and all employees of the company." He also explained that "Iraqi Airways raised services provided to travellers, a lot of obstacles marked on her work in the past and that the testimony of many travelers and followers of the company's work.