Placeholder for Badr: Abadi will vacant ministries names this week.


Representative Attorney Badr block Razak FM, Saturday, almrshhiben names will be vacant Abadi from ministries and security during this week, including the defense and Interior Ministry and finances.

In a recent press release confirmed that the Interior Ministry will be pointing out that leaks from the Badr and defence share share strong Union for Kurds would nominate Nuri shawis rose to the post of the Finance Ministry, pointing to candidate characters before the block is our respected Moon Agreement with Abadi on these characters and wait for their analysis of the Parliament to vote on them.

He said Iraq's Prime Minister Haider Abadi I am well can't intercept Payson Parliament and Government that chose the Ministers without the approval of the Government cannot be formed blocks as a parliamentary system, noting that most of the blocks today tend to technocrats and personalities but at the same time be close to them.

And the FM to Ministers who voted on them are technocrats and very close to the blocks that have been nominated by their marketability was thus easily in Parliament, explaining that the deceleration of the Government without the support of Parliament because there is a close link between Parliament and the Executive, explaining that the Executive Government need a clear position of Parliament on all issues such as legislation and budget oversight and other issues.

And the National Alliance mp Abbas Al-Bayati, Deputy to three maaiirsthakm Prime Minister Haider Abadi in choosing candidates for the vacant ministries.

Al-Bayati said in a press statement: after accepting the resignation of seven Ministers Abadi it became obliged to nominate replacements to fill the vacant ministries, not to keep those ministries vacant or administered by the Agency.

Anhenalk said three criteria should be on the Prime Minister to move accordingly in the process of nominating names to fill those ministries first, there are the admissibility of blocks for those names, that Parliament needs to be passed.

Bayati said that Abbadi him moving in accordance with the criteria and conditions set in advance in the form of his supposed reform phase including being experienced, professional and personal integrity and technocrats, pointing out that the third criterion is the need for the admissibility of those names from the street that came out over a year ago to demand reform.