Ki-moon shows readiness of the United Nations to help stabilize the political situation in Iraq

Friday 23-09-2016
| 7:56:00
Twilight News / Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon on Friday expressed willingness to Msaah in the stability of the political situation in Iraq.

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of Ebadi, said he met last year in New York with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

He added that during the meeting to discuss the political and security situation in Iraq and the region, and preparations for the battle of Mosul and the conditions of the displaced and international support for Iraq.

He expressed Ban Ki-moon, UN support for Iraq and the government in its fight against terrorism and its readiness to help stabilize the political situation as well as increased support in the humanitarian sphere and the issue of the displaced.

Park Ki-moon victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in Fallujah and Shirqat Qayyarah.