Allkash demands that State institutions open corrupt files international

2016/09/23 16:38

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} block Parliamentary Deputy called citizen Mohamed allkash, on Friday, the State institutions concerned with the real open files corruption by State institutions on this matter before you open them by international donors.

Allkash said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, that "the real corruption files open State institutions of files {contracts, appointments, incidentals, deputations, giveaway, fictitious projects, Central Bank auction, volatile instruments, land grabbing, State property, etc} and then forwarded to the judiciary to get just what they deserve."

"There is significant corruption whales trying these days public works issues may be not important at present until silence on corruption."

Recall that there are some specialized international actors in this regard will come to Iraq to open a lot of suspicious files.

And financial and administrative corruption phenomenon spread in all State institutions, which led to a significant deterioration in all the joints of the Iraqi State.