German delegation with Barzani edit agreement with Baghdad and Mosul and post-ISIS

2016/9/23 18:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani discussed with the German delegation, on Friday, the liberation of the city of Mosul and in agreement with the Central Government in Baghdad and the post terrorist ISIS gangs.

According to a statement by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region had examined an agency {news Euphrates} to "President Talabani greeted Ursula vonderlein Secretary of Defense of Germany and her delegation, composed of Germany's Ambassador to Iraq Joseph krempe and General Marcus Nepal German Army Chief of staff and a number of officers and advisers in the German Defense Ministry, where the two sides also plan to release the connector and the agreement between Kurdistan and the Iraqi Government about the formatting in the liberation struggle."

She said turning to German army attempts to support the two forces and trained tight on her continued support for the people of Kurdistan to Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, "pointing out that" the German Government and people thank Barzani for their support and cooperation with the two forces and describe the important German military support, where he had an important role in changing the equation of war in favor of the two forces, describing the multiple German Defense Minister visits to Kurdistan to task for being bear many meanings. "

"The two sides also discuss about release the connector plan agreement between Kurdistan and the Iraqi Government about the formatting in the liberation struggle, the Minister expressed satisfaction with the agreement and hoped that the outcome of many important and positive results."

The "post discuss defeating ISIS, Barzani that the common objective of Kurdistan and the Iraqi Government is to eliminate the ISIS and release the connector, and stressed the importance of post parcel ISIS stressed the need to give assurances about the security and the future of all national and religious components of Nineveh.