International coalition waging a 30 raid in Iraq, Syria

2016/9/23 17:34

[Oan- follow-up]

The US-led international coalition forces launched a raid on 30 locations and militants organize Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

She said the central leadership of the operations of coalition forces in a statement on Friday that its aircraft carried out during the past 24 hours launched 16 raid on militants sites [Daesh in Iraq near Baghdadi, Hit, Mosul and Qayyarah, gray, Sinjar and Sultan Abdullah, during which destroyed factories of explosives and a number of weapons stores and four platforms to launch mortar rockets and tactical units belonging to the organization. "

He pointed out that coalition aircraft also launched a "14 raid in Syria near Abu Kamal and Shaddadi and Deir al-Zour and Mare` and Manbej which destroyed oil wells and combat outposts belonging to Daesh."