Deputy: Balancing 2017 would be voted on in Parliament soon.

2016/9/23 9:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Kurdistan blocs Coalition mp Rinas Jano, the budget bill will be 2017 at the earliest in house sessions.

Jano said, {Euphrates news} "we are going to end this legislative period and subject of next year's budget would be on the agenda, as soon as possible, and we know that the Ministry of finance and the Government in General has completed and submitted the draft budget".

He added that "the House of representatives in a work in progress and industrious and there were a series of laws in Parliament shelves accumulated in the previous session, but the session we traverse the stage of ratification and promulgation of these laws."

"All these laws have passed stage remain in the shelves, there's movement in this file.

He was a member of the parliamentary legal Committee Secretary Baker, l {Euphrates news}, last Wednesday, that balancing act 2017 is still in the corridors of the Cabinet.

The Finance Ministry Undersecretary, Fazil Nabi, confirmed in September 18, l {lfrat news}, the Ministry is in the process of amending budget 2017 according to the recent agreement with the IMF and submitted to Cabinet for approval.

The Cabinet was voted in 30 August last, a Bill balancing 2017