Washington stresses: Daesh fired a rocket loaded with mustard gas on our troops in Iraq

Shafaq News / The US military confirmed that a rocket fired by militants organize Daesh on US forces in Iraq had already contains mustard gas.
No one was hurt in the attack, which the US military says he signed last Tuesday on the Qayyarah air base near Mosul, a stronghold of the organization Daesh in Iraq. Gen. Joseph Dnford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the organization of the use of chemical weapons rudimentary capability. But he added that the attack "a worrying development". And it raised concerns for a long time that the organization of the Islamic state may be manufactured and used primitive chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, which controls swathes of land in them. Gen. Dnford told the Senate Armed Services Committee in the US Senate Thursday that the missile contained "toyed sulfur mustard." A mustard gas that distorts or killed by the skin and eyes respiratory destruction. It is suspected that the organization Daesh sulfur mustard gas used last year in an attack on Kurdish forces in Iraq. The subject of Mosul, Iraq's second city, for the control of the organization Daesh almost two years ago. It is expected to begin within the next battle led by the Iraqi army weeks to recover from the grip of militant extremist organization. US forces and provide assistance to local Iraqi forces are preparing to launch an attack on Mosul.