Maliki's coalition: Shaways finance minister

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MP for the coalition of al-Maliki full Zaidi, for Rose Nuri Shaways nomination for the post of Minister of Finance. Zaidi said that "the Kurdistan Alliance has nominated Rose Nuri Shaways to the post of finance minister after sacking the Kurdish minister Hoshyar Zebari. "The nominations until this moment is official," adding that "all the names submitted to fill the ministries are based on the quota system." The House Sotbalaqtraa secret on Wednesday to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari B158 votes to 77 deputies vote on whether or not, and kept 14 Naiba.okan Shaways serves as deputy prime minister in the government Alhalah.oorteur Abadi Cancel posts of Vice-President and Prime Minister on August 9 2015.okan Abadi, during the announcement of the names of ministers in his government in parliament has said Hoshyar Zebari, will take over as deputy prime minister in charge Shaways as finance minister. But the Kurdistan Democratic Party decided to take Shaways as deputy prime minister instead of his tenure as finance minister in the current federal government, Zebari and the assumption of the Ministry of Finance.