Raghad Saddam Hussein .. intend to run for the presidency of the Iraqi !!

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After about 10 years after the execution of her father, «Raghad» returned son of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, in the spotlight over the surprise triggered by the Iraqi media, on the first Monday, and reported in the Arab media for many, was the intention to contest the elections in Iraq in 2018. Run for president According to the social networking sites that the daughter of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's nonexistent, intends to lead the new tribal alliance, engaged in elections in 2018, pointing out that they could return to Iraq under a controversial amnesty decree, issued by the parliament last month. She stressed that there are attempts to form a new coalition that includes a number of Senate sponsored by Saddam's son, to enter into the election. It noted included Khamis dagger meeting of Parliamentarians Union forces and Raghad Saddam Hussein and Sheikh Hamid Turki fork and Sheikh Khamis Abdel-Karim al-Fahdawi full compaction Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Zaidan Khalaf al-Jabri's speech, Sheikh Amer Ali to discuss the formation of a new alliance to enter into elections