Protect the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attack on a cadre of US channel

Thursday 22-09-2016 | 1:48:15

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Twilight News / defense of the freedom of the press association announced on Thursday presented a cadre Hurra Iraq in Baghdad, was attacked by elements of the protection of the central bank governor on the Keywords, during their coverage of the concert at the National Theatre on Wednesday.

Assembly quoted product news channel (Free Iraq) Raad Karim, said that "a cadre channel component of messaging Aestbrq Hassan and cameraman Mohammad Muzaffar and assistant cameraman Omar Hassan, were subjected to beatings and verbal abuse and cracking some of their equipment Moalla by members protecting the central bank governor on the Keywords after they tried to shoot backstage, knowing they Asthsaloa approval theater staff, "pointing out that the protection of members of the bank's governor, tried to prevent staff from filming, and rejected all explanations given by their colleagues about the nature of their mission.

He added that staff have for what they have suffered from the attack withdrew, and non-interference by any party official in the theater to Hmyatem.

That the defense of freedom of the press association, condemned the attack to protect the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on a cadre free channel, and demands that the security authorities to hold accountable individuals protection aggressors and bring them to justice, and to compensate the channel instead of the crash of the equipment.

Also it calls on the Keywords apologize for what happened from abusive behavior by personal bodyguards.

And carrying Assembly, Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, is responsible for attacks against journalists are constantly at the hands of the protections of officials, Kamilecat who act outside the law, which has not taken any action in this regard, despite repeated calls for him.