Specialized courts to ensure segments of society and the movement of the Iraqi judiciary for global

2016-09-22 18:26:10 | (Voice of Iraq) - Babylon / Marwan al - Fatlawi

After it was investigating the courts consider all types of crime in general, it branched out far to the different functions depending on the types of crimes and offenses, in addition to terrorism courts and integrity there become special courts the affairs of journalists, athletes, doctors, workers, family and other courts , trade and customs, contracting and others.

These courts have contributed greatly to the provision of a guarantee for the various sectors of society as it provided specialized judges in the eyes of the various issues and led to significantly speed the resolution of lawsuits.

Vice President of the resumption of Babylon Judge Ahmed Hadi felt that "The federal judiciary has sought to form these special courts to ease the work of the investigation and guarantee the courts for various segments of society in addition to the specialized courts into certain issues will be prepared than others to receive quality suits."

He said in a report e - newspaper "eliminate" reported that "this experience eased the burden on the citizen and other courts also Vkadhi investigation when he receives a lawsuit related to a player be obliged to transmit them to the sports court, as well as the referral of cases to the court with the press publishing and media."

Hadi pointed out that "there would be the citizen judges specialists into what contributes to their claims resolved quickly."

And on how to choose the right for these courts judges, deputy head of the resumption of Babylon" The judge says , should be prepared to look at all the suits, and the judiciary on the lookout for the conduct of judges and their notes from them innovate in the field and excel in another area, and on that basis develop a judge fitting in the right place. "

For his part , he puts the vice president of the resumption of Babylon Judge Moussa al - Khafaji other motives behind the creation of specialized courts , including that " the modern world have resorted to enhance the specialization factor in all fields of life, all science and knowledge , such as medicine and engineering branched out to several disciplines, specialization provides accuracy, especially in the field of justice and ensure the rights of People".

Khafaji believes that "an increase in certain claims or to open certain court official bodies ask if the Ministry of Health requested the introduction of a court to look at doctors Affairs, or the Ministry of Youth Court asking for the consideration of sports disputes, are other reasons for the formation of such courts."

Khafaji He added that "there are issues of a particular kind requires specialized courts, as issues of integrity of the sensitivity they need to judge with her ​​own experience and that 's what applies to the family , which has a degree of privacy in society claims therefore eliminating the form of courts or select judges to consider these individual suits according to the fullness of their privacy. "

Specialized courts is to guarantee the rights of all the slides and to shorten the long and complex procedures, says al - Khafaji , who confirms that they "put a specific vision for the place with the appropriate citizen when he wants to complain or really earns completes the treatment."

Khafaji said that " the pros specialized court does not stop at the citizen only, specialization also raises the perceptions of the judge who is collecting the information and review the laws pertaining to his court and develop his capabilities and laid down by " pointing out that "specialization makes the judge in an ongoing cope with discriminatory principles of his work."

He pointed out that " a specialist judge will be brought to justice faster than others as a result of the acquisition of experience in this field and shorten the time and effort on the judiciary and the citizen."

As explained that " the desire of the judge determine his competence in the civil or criminal courts", he called for " the placement of discerning judges to the specialized courts through during their previous work and their potential."

As part of the composition and preparation of specialized judges, the federal judiciary and put a long - term program that requires preparing a continuous development courses in the Judicial Development Institute throughout the year, says the spokesman for the judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar.

Bayraktar said that " the judiciary has also worked on the dispatch numbers of judges and public prosecutors every year out of Iraq specialists in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism and integrity issues , publishing, media and sports disputes and crimes of money and human rights laundering and other issues."

He pointed out that "these judges will form a solid nucleus and real specialist in the federal judiciary to crack."