Minister of Industry and Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan calls for Chinese companies to invest in Iraq and confirms the government's desire to complete the industrial cities in the governorates

2016-09-22 18:16:14 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Minister of Industry , said the agency engineer Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said the government is seeking to revitalize the industry and investment in Iraq in various fields through the implementation of strategies and plans aimed at optimum utilization of the resources owned, whether by factories available and laboratories has or through joint cooperation with foreign companies wishing to invest in Iraq .

And between the Sudanese during a meeting based Chinese charge d'affaires and his accompanying delegation on Thursday 22/09/2016 that Iraq linking a privileged relationship with the Republic of China through joint action in various fields and there is a joint committee between the two sides includes several ministries and institutions concerned with the development of that relationship and developed in the fields of industry and investment , noting that the two countries have many files in this side are being studied at the Prime Minister 's visit to the Republic of China 's most important with regard to the construction of industrial cities in a number of provinces.

He added that the Iraqi government show a strong desire to complete the industrial cities in the provinces pointing out that the meeting included to provide the Chinese side a detailed report on the plans and rates of achievement reached by the Iraqi side about the industrial cities to be presented to the Chinese companies that have the willingness and the desire to enter and invest in these cities and developed.

Sudanese stressed during the meeting that Iraq possesses industrial resources and enormous expertise accumulated in this area as well as possession of factories and laboratories that will provide significant opportunities for the development of economic relations with the developed countries in the fields of industry in particular , those with cash and super companies distinct in the world republic of China.

For his part, the Chinese ambassador in Iraq , said the Republic of China has the largest companies in the economic fields and in various industrial and commercial fields, telecommunications, electricity and other and express full readiness for joint cooperation with Iraq and contribute to the productive capacity of the Industry Development noting that the industrial cities project of interest to the Chinese government and prepared an important economic platform cooperation between the two sides that have expertise in this area through the construction of cities similar in many Arab countries , and they compete with the rest of the companies in terms of price, quality , and it occupies third place globally in terms of investment abroad.

He added that the visit of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to China had an impact on opening up new prospects of cooperation, pointing to the start of the study phase to fund the Iraq and support in various fields and this cooperation will bring economic benefit to both parties.

The Sudanese minister praised the role played by the Republic of China in its support for Iraq in its war against terrorism , stressing that the relationship between the two countries depends on the Cultural Heritage to both of them , and what we have reached China's industrial evolution calls for pride and motivate Iraq to take advantage of those experiences while calling on all companies Chinese to invest in Iraq.

In a related development , the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri said while attending the bilateral meeting that the province is prepared to cooperate with wanting to work with , especially investment companies after the marshes included into the World Heritage list , indicating that the province and because of its effects , and tourist areas is ready to set up projects that the economic aspect of the fourth development the province in terms of population as well as to contribute to the operation of labor and the province of Dhi Qar is the first in Iraq in terms of availability of the security side , which is one of the main reasons leading to the formation fertile ground for investment.