Work published a guide on the rights of the child

2016/09/22 14:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} rendered the Commission of child care of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on Thursday, a manual on the rights of the child outlines general principles and main Iraqi laws and regulations and international conventions on the rights of the child.

He said Labour Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} that guide who introduced reinforced balsorvi 54 page of medium size, featuring information and combine many Iraqi legislation principles and international conventions on the rights of the child ".

"The Labor Department designed version of this guide to document the legislative steps taken by Iraq to entrench the rights of the child to be of help to workers in the field of childcare and reference facilitator for the implementation of legal obligations related to the world of the family and the child, and to utilize it in the dissemination and public awareness and the promotion of a culture of children's rights in society".

And that "this evidence came at a time when declining community viraaih the rights of the child, after the increase in cases of kidnapping, domestic violence, child labour and school evasion and recruiting children to carry out terrorist operations, as well as the decline in the level of health protection, and other difficulties that hinder a child's development in a healthy environment."

Iraq reportedly befriended in 1994 on the Convention on the rights of the child adopted by the United Nations on 20 November 1989 and entered into force on 2 September 1990, which is the first legally binding international instrument featuring a full range of child rights.