Parliamentary Legal: accountability and justice come to a vote in the coming sessions

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A member of the parliamentary legal committee MP Salim Chawki, on Thursday, the Justice and Accountability Law will be put to a vote in the coming sessions, after finding understandings of the law. He said Shawki's / balances News /, "The Justice and Accountability Law ready for a vote after the existence of understandings it will pose in the coming sessions of Parliament," pointing out that "the law is long overdue, although it is within the political consensus and within the government program that has been voted on, but the differences between the political blocs had the effect of delaying the approval. " He said Shawki that "the National Alliance, expressed his objection to some of the paragraphs of law texts are those that allow the return of the former regime institutions," noting "the need to reach a state of political consensus so as not to affect the community, and at the same time allow for many citizens to take their turn and be there kind of community reconciliation. " Shawki and demanded political blocs to "give up some of their claims, in the event of wills pass the law and vote on it," referring to "the existence of a modified points on the issue of justice and law." The reconciliation committee member of the parliamentary Mohammed Naji has revealed the most prominent controversy respect to the possible inclusion of members of the branches and divisions of the dissolved Baath Party pensions, and the presence of an objection in principle by some of the blocks on the grounds that those are the owners of the higher grades in the party, and the physical, their potential is good and they are not needy Chehrih.anthy to financial allocations
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