Conflicting reports about the exposure of Qayyarah base for attack, "Chemical Ali"

Twilight News / TV channel reported CNN, quoting US officials on Wednesday that al Daesh forces fired a shell may be containing chemical substances on the Qayyarah south of Mosul, where US and Iraqi forces found the base.
CNN that US soldiers were hurt in the bombing of Al-Qaeda used to prepare for an attack to regain Mosul from the Islamic state. She added that the first analysis of the component of mustard was positive but the second analysis was negative. For his part, Chairman of the Board denied hand Qayyarah Saleh al-Jubouri, the news, and said it was inaccurate. Jubouri said in an interview with Twilight News, "Qayyarah base any attack contained chemicals not exposed, and also assured us that officials at the base." The talk about the attack two days after the arrival of US ground troops equipped with arms and mechanisms to Qayyarah air base south of Mosul after. He is scheduled to Qayyarah base is a starting point for a military operation and wide to restore the city of Mosul Daesh stronghold in Iraq.