Iraq denounces the fallacies statement GCC

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She's Foreign Ministry denounced the tenor ministerial meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council fallacies statement in paragraph relating to Iraq. The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman Jamal Ahmj that this confirms "the continued presence of obvious deficiencies in the vision of the realities of the Iraqi home and stay away from dealing with it realistically and rationally." The statement added: "Without the popular crowd Volunteers were Daesh terrorist gangs today in a lot of states that ignores the Championships Men crowd and Astpsahlhm particular terrorism, but will continue regardless of the large number of citizens involved in organizing Daesh the offender." He pointed out that "the practice of true democracy to ensure the representation of all segments of Iraqi society without division or marginalization or exclusion or monopoly of power by a small group, and that the unity of Iraqis today written with the blood of their sacrifices generally black terrorism and their determination to liberate their cities from him." He repeated the statement to emphasize the "absence of any threat to the security of diplomatic missions and personnel working in Iraq, and that security and safety is part of our national security, and we need today more than ever to close Arab ranks generally common pitfalls and stay away from such thrills."