Samarra leadership Ttrat deported cooperating with families "Daesh" of Dhuluiya

Approach to news /
Chairman of the local council announced to spend Dhuluiya in Salahuddin province lingered behind the Turkish leadership for the Samarra operations to deport the families accused of collaboration with the (Daesh) of the city. Turki said late "approach to the news that" the leadership of Samarra operations after being issued orders and instructions to deport the families accused of collaboration with "Daesh" of the city, issued the deliberation of this decision until further notice. The head of the local council that the influence of officials and dignitaries in eliminating the leadership to make it drop its decision, stressing that all abusing and blood on his hands with the blood of Iraqis has no place in any part of Iraq, both in Dhuluiya or the other, but there are a lot of families they contain members are fighting to our side in our fight against "Daesh" while there are elements which were fighting alongside this terrorist organization, you can not pull the offense on the rest of the family, and even ordered them to leave the security and judicial authorities to take appropriate action against them. He hinted that the Turkish officials and dignitaries from the point of discussing this matter with the leadership of Samarra operations and convinced them of the need to reconsider this decision to include items that were affiliated to "Daesh" and hands are stained with the blood of innocent Iraqis. And he began to spend Dhuluiya Police Directorate campaign deportation of 56 families for a period of seven years, bearing a sign "Closed" on the role of all covered by the deportation of their people. He spend Dhuluiya police chief Brigadier Khalil Qandil in a press statement on the instructions of the leadership of Samarra operations we started a campaign to deport cooperating with families (Daesh) terrorist, indicating that Dhuluiya Police Department began a campaign shut down all the houses of the families belonging to the organization of the elements. Khelil said that security forces prevented anyone from living in their own homes or rent their shops, according to the outgoing leadership of the Samarra operations directives, pointing out that a deportation for a period of seven years and currently includes more than 56 family and we have an ongoing follow-up. He said Khalil, said Dhuluiya Police Department mobilized all its forces and began deporting the families that returned to Aldiluaahbad edited at 31/12/2014, noting that the campaign will continue in all areas of Dhuluiya until the completion of deportation covered. He Dhuluiya police chief that every home is the family deported him to indicate it is a (closed by the Operations Command directives), and will not allow anyone to use these homes or rented shops or those that have been leased.