Oil is considering the establishment of a new refinery, instead of the current in Baiji

2016/9/21 23:44

[Oan- Baghdad]

Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi emphasized the importance of restarting the refinery of Baiji in Salahuddin province.

He stressed Allaibi according to a ministry statement "the importance of running the refinery of Baiji in Salahuddin province to take advantage of it in the production and provision of petroleum products for domestic consumption to citizens, as well as providing fuel for power plants and the reduction of import."

The face of the "concerned authorities in the Ministry of the need to prepare a detailed report on the case and the reality of the liquidator and determine the devastation and destruction suffered by it as a result of military operations and to identify plant and equipment that can be used in reconstructing and rehabilitating the refinery ratios revealed."

The Minister of oil to the need to create an economic and technical study sober for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the refinery or create a new refinery in the same location or another location in the city of Baiji, a capacity of 200 thousand barrels per day, modern and world-class by local and foreign investment. "

The Baiji refinery, which produced 300,000 barrels subjected to terrorist sabotage operations during the military operations that took place in 2014 and 2015.

Attributed the Oil Ministry in March delayed the rehabilitation of the refinery withstand [Peggy] to steal Daesh terrorist gangs of the equipment and the bombing and destruction of other carrier refinery line, loaded Ministries Dolly non-fulfillment of obligations in order to create working conditions.

For his part, Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ares Abdullah, he told all of Iraq [where] the third of last August, "The Baiji refinery needs to rebuild and this process needs huge amounts, and today the state going through a financial crisis and we as a committee on oil and energy we spoke with The oil Ministry has repeatedly on this matter and is also interested in re-constructing, "noting that" drained almost completely destroyed and it needs money and time to run it. "