Daesh worst ways to sell human organs with the help of foreign doctors

Twilight News / seems to be Daesh began to suffer from a lack of financial resources, after it said its petroleum revenues due to air strikes received by the oil fields in Iraq and Syria, which represented 80 percent of fiscal revenues, and began in the management of resources from other destinations such as the sale of antiquities and drugs .
And finally resorted to a new way to get the money which is the sale of human organs for the dead, especially because they are many daily Aaadamath in areas controlled by civilians or from its dead and killed opponents in battles. The newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British published a report on the new crime of Daesh and the resort of the organization to hire foreign doctors to keep the human toll organs Medical proper way and then sell the world of the mafia to trade human organs to save money for the weapon's military and its operations and salaries for his fighters. The paper says, quoting local sources, the Iraqi Mosul province controlled by the organization since 2014 and which is still in control of large areas of Syria and Iraq that he stole the human members of the 23 dead and injured, where he cut the limbs hospital in Mosul and selling them to get money. The organization has established a special division for the smuggling and sale of human organs, such as heart, liver, kidneys and intestines in the international black market mafia world through smuggled by specialized gangs from the neighboring World Trade mafia states of human organs, in exchange for large sums of money. An Iraqi doctor named "Saravan" He is a specialist in ear, nose and throat in previous statements carried by international media about the human organ trade began with the control Daesh Mosul in 2014, where the organization hired foreign surgeons to operate a large-scale system of trafficking in human organs in a hospital the city of Mosul, which is not allowed mixing local doctors with these foreign doctors before they seep horrific story to the media, after the organization was the transfer of his victims dead or wounded who were killed in the battles to the hospital urgently. It was an American company that specializes in economic analysis has revealed earlier this year that the daily oil production to Daesh dropped from 33 thousand barrels for up to 21 thousand barrels only. Regulation revenue from $ 80 million in the month fell to $ 56 million in March, after the destruction of a lot of regulation fields in Syria and Iraq because of aerial bombardments. The organization Daesh also lost about 22 percent of the territory seized by the middle of 2014. This means that about 6 million people under his grip only now after he was nine million two years ago, resulting in a significant loss of tax paid to resort to other means to raise funds for its operations .