Holland: our weapons are ready for the battle of Mosul

Twilight News / announced by French President, Francois Hollande, in New York, that the artillery pieces sent by France to the Iraqi army had erected in the north of Mosul and is now ready to be used to restore the city.
The Hollande said in July for sending these artillery pieces to the Iraqi army with French military advisers. Organize "Daesh" also it began digging a trench around the city of Mosul in northern Iraq in preparation for a battle described by fighters Taweelah and hard against the US-backed Iraqi city to restore government forces. He says residents of Mosul, said that its fighters are closing entire neighborhoods and dig a network of tunnels in the city to disrupt the progress government forces.
And announced the leadership of the pillars of the French army, the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle moved from France was heading to the eastern Mediterranean to participate in the restoration of the Iraqi city of Mosul of al Daesh campaign.