Iranian newspaper headlines on Wednesday.

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Wednesday, 09/22/2016.
Leader of the Revolution: Eid Ghadir means the leadership of the Muslim community on the ruler and the state base
Rafsanjani: Iran 's defense capabilities are undeniable and sow terror in the hearts of opponents
Syrian army thwarts attacks «the victory» .. Aleppo, killing dozens of them
President Rouhani stresses the need to raise the level of mutual cooperation between Iran and Cuba in all fields
Kayhan Arab
Leader: Eid Ghadir is the fact that the Islamic leadership and the foundation and bedrock of the Imamate and the state
Armed Aleom..qguatna maintains the largest naval display in the Persian Gulf
Opening dish Ms. Fatima Zahra (Q) Amiramoumnin in the shrine of Imam Ali (AS)
President Assad: parties hostile exhausted all their energies to the continuation of the terrorist war on Syria
Siemens preparing the first shipment of gas turbines to send to Bandar Abbas
Rouhani arrives in New York and seeks to remove obstacles Banking
Delivery of Boeing aircraft to Iran
"Charm Nowruz Zada , " alternative "to Allen Air" in the US State
Leader of the Revolution: stir feelings of difference other Muslim leads to the emergence of terrorist groups Kdaash
Amano: Iran is committed to its obligations in the nuclear deal
John Kerry: Russia to refrain from showing off their own
EU: To Anaterv Russian elections
Leader of the Revolution: we prevent overkill to get a strong economy
Palestinian resistance: martyrdom operations in response to the crimes of the Zionist entity
Senior Libyan officer and his companions were killed in a military plane crash
Assistant attack on Afghan president 's motorcade in Jowzjan

Leader: I am optimistic about the future Young people insured and many ready for jihad
Rowhani , when he met the leader of the Cuban Revolution: Iran and Cuba , a symbol of resistance against more sanctions difficult
Obama: nuclear agreement was a symbol of global cooperation
Arrest the main factor in the bombings of New York and New Jersey
Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Leader of the Revolution: Sep Year symbols violates biography infallible (p)
Tehran and Havana to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of health and medicine
Urby concern about human rights violations in Bahrain
Obama: Israel must understand that it would be unable to occupy the Palestinian territories forever
Leader: I am optimistic about the future
Rowhani: Iran, Cuba symbol of resistance ... Castro: I really appreciate the Iranian people
Ayatollah Amoli Larijani: Iran 's judiciary contemporary and in conformity with the Islamic Guanyin
Palestinian call for a day of anger against Tel Aviv
Leader of the Revolution: our young people will undergo America and the Zionist entity
Two US soldiers: Clinton before them two roads of death or step down from the election
Al - Jazeera is concerned about the emergence of a new version of Hezbollah in Yemen
Officially opening of the Office of the Zionist entity in the NATO headquarters
Homeland Emrouz
Larijani: West refrains from implementation of its commitments in nuclear deal
Russia stresses the need for coordination against terrorism , with Iran, Iraq and Syria
Gabri Ansari: Iran 's comprehensive help to the confrontation of terrorism in Syria
America kills 8 Afghan policemen