Rowhani, confirms the desire of the Iranian and Turkish sides to fight terrorism

President of the Islamic Republic , Hassan Rowhani said at a meeting with the Turkish president , "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" that Iran was friendly country of Turkey at all stages and always stand by Turkey and expressed Tehran 's readiness to expand relations with Ankara in various fields, particularly in the field of transport, transit and industrial energy.
Agency for International Tasnim news agency reported that President Hassan Rouhani held a bilateral meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of atheist seventy Meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York and discussed with him the latest developments in the international and regional arena.
President Hassan Rowhani stressed that Iran considers Turkey 's people and Government of brother countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop relations with Turkey as widely as possible.
President Hassan Rohani pointed to the military failed coup in Turkey, stressing that the events of the coup attempt , the popularly elected government is saddened often get Iran to these events reject the coup since the first moment of their occurrence and used all its capabilities in order to restore security and stability to Turkey.
Rowhani added that the coup in Turkey incident comes as part of a series of events intended and planned by some of the major powers, stressing that the two countries , Iran and Turkey to stand Asttien bulwark in the face of these plots cultivated by the enemies of the region.
In another aspect of his speech President Hassan Rowhani referred to the phenomenon of terrorism in the world and the region, considering this phenomenon as a threat to everyone and that Tehran and Ankara Asttien to play an important and active role in the elimination.
For his part , the Turkish president praised Iran 's position in support to the Turkish government law during the events of the military coup, saying he is confident that Iran will continue to support and protect Turkey
Erdogan added that the first and last beneficiary of the events of the region is not only the enemy, noting that others They can not solve the problems and crises in the Islamic world.
Erdogan pointed out that Iran and Turkey Bladen senior Islamists , and Asttien through cooperation and joint action to contribute to restoring security and stability to the region, especially in Iraq and Syria.