Obama declares 50 nations pledged to host 360 thousand refugees

US President Barack Obama announced at the outset of the summit at the United Nations about the refugees, the 50 countries pledged to host 360 thousand refugees during the year, twice the number that had agreed to host in the past year.
Obama said , "Together, our nations will double the number of refugees who Nstdifam in our country , so that number will rise to 360 thousand this year , " especially praised the leading role played by Germany and Canada in this area.
The US president praised in particular the leading role played by Germany and Canada to open their doors to the Syrian refugees.
Obama said that " the refugees who are mostly women and children fleeing from war and terrorism. These victims. "
The US president stressed that refrain from receiving some of these refugees being Muslim leads to "promote terrorist propaganda", in a clear allusion to the call by the Republican candidate to the US presidential election , Donald Trump to prevent Muslims from entering the United States for a temporary period.
The United States hosted 10 thousand Syrian refugees during the past financial year, a figure considered by human rights defenders is very little in view of its position and capabilities.
The United States pledged to host 110 thousand refugees during the next fiscal year (2016-2017) but did not specify how much would be the proportion of Syrians among them.
The US Secretary said Syria 's support group agreed on the need to continue to work to reach a comprehensive truce in Syria, in spite of the escalating violence and continuity.
This came at the conclusion of the meeting of the international support group in New York , where the group acknowledged the difficulty of complete separation from the moderate opposition militants Front victory in several areas in the country.